Fort Loramie Local Schools

HB 264, Projects | September 9th, 2013 |

House Bill 264 Energy Project



• Install  Lighting Occupancy Sensors • Replace  Boilers with High Efficiency Boilers • Energy Auditing and Building Envelope Analysis • Replace Existing Hot Water Heater with High Efficiency Tankless Hot Water Heaters • Install  Hot Water Pumps  • Install C02 Sensors for Demand Control Ventilation • Install Variable  Frequency Drives to regulate Supply and Return Air • Retrocommissioned Building Automation System


OFCCLogoEvans Energy performed a detailed  energy audit of the High School and Middle School buildings. We performed an evaluation and identified  energy conservation measures (ECM’s) that will reduce the energy costs associated with operation the building, provide better comfort to the teachers, students and staff, and provide building enhancements for the facilities. We identified key areas that significantly impact the districts operating and energy expenses to save the district an annual energy and maintenance savings of $48,486.00.


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