There is a constant message of becoming “GREEN” and never before have we seen such an interest in reducing energy cost and finding sources of renewable energy.
EVANS ENERGY is meeting the demands of hospitals, universities and schools and to help them reduce owning and operating cost of aging facilities.  Legislation, along with the desire to decrease energy and be “GREEN” is fueling this need. 

EVANS ENERGY improves facilities, leveraging energy savings to fund the improvements for institutional and municipal customers.
EVANS ENERGY structures customized financing solutions to provide positive cash flow for government institutions that have no money in their budgets.
EVANS ENERGY provides the intellectual property to find savings, fund projects and finalize the solution.

Self-funding and cost saving energy efficient equipment upgrades for aging facilities.

Use energy savings to improve facilities without impacting tuition cost.

Austerity measures through energy conservation fund energy improvements with using taxpayer money.